Friday, January 12, 2018



·        A.B.KAR

At the stroke of mid-night I stepped in to my eighth year. I could hardly realize so many decades had gone by to eternity in my life.
Alarm rang at 4am like the way it had been ringing during last three decades to alert me.
To comply with, I started the day with the rituals that had been dominating my life ever since I became aware of my identity in the world.
I made my tea like the way I enjoyed ever since I learnt to be self-reliant.
I looked at the big portrait of Maa Anandamoyee under the 100 years old banyan tree at Bhimpura Ashram. A glimpse of Normada brought tranquillity to my otherwise empty mind.
I had hardly any cognizance that I stepped in to the land mark year a few hours back.
I moved out on my mandatory morning walk along the usual route of uneven pavement, crossing the railway tracks along with those who flocked from distant villages to earn living in the city.
Soon I was at the entrance to the Lake.
Mobile rang.
‘Happy Birthday!’ my daughter called me from the States.
‘Grand fete, Papa. You have stepped in to your eightieth year. Congratulations!’ She added.
My grand -daughters came on line.
‘Happy Birthday, Dadu’, they screamed in their exuberance.
I became aware – I had been in this world for so many years. Still kicking around! Still on life’s wonderful journey with divinity playing its role of sharing mercy and grace.
My mind felt the freshness of morning dews.
Rest of my journey along the greeneries of the Lake engaged my mind with the thoughts.
‘How is it that I am enjoying the sun rises in the same intensity as I did ever when I was a child?’
‘How is it that the sights and sounds around me engage me in the same way as they did when I was young?’
‘How is it that my mind gets activated in the same way as it did when awareness dawned on me?’
‘I have not aged. I am the same entity who used to carry out all the pranks of younger days. My mind is like a just blown jasmine, even at eighty’.
‘I am happy as ever enjoying life’s unlimited bounties’.
‘It seems I am on my long journey to explore life in its entirety which is miles ahead’.

I still remember my grandfather with eight five years existence in the world, speaking on a soft tone, having been immersed in the sunshine of a cold morning in my native place. I was hardly five years old then
‘There is something beyond this world. It is instrumental to keep your mind ever green. Have faith in that Divinity. He will help you to stop aging your mind. God’s blessings accompany such miracle’.
‘Have faith in Him ’, he reiterated.
‘I did not understand what the grand old man was hinting at. But the words would remain engraved in my tender mind for eternity’.
Over a period of time I realized he was referring to the doctrines of religion.


What keeps me young?
There are forces which counter the process of aging in the mind, in psychological make-up followed by philosophical pursuit.
Mind comes first. Psychology follows the tenets.
Finally philosophy takes over.
Nobody guided me on this. I learnt the trick as I proceeded along life’s journey through different phases.
Looking back to eighty springs, which I cherished in my mind, I feel it happened automatically.
How it happened, how did I conceive, how realisation dawned on me?
I would always experience the procession of incidents in my mental screen.

It was during mid sixties, when Professor Woolridge of Strathclyde University took me to a tiny Church in a village at the outskirts of Glasgow.
‘I want you to feel the serenity in the ambience which has been offering me energy in my system. Scientific explanation, as I understand, goes like this’.
‘Serenity calms my mind; aging cannot pollute my journey through life’, the Professor told in low voice.
I was in my late twenties then. I was put on the life’s journey in that desolate Church with wooden piers, absolute silence and compassionate figure of the Christ on the cross in front of me.
It immediately made me to recall what the grand old man tried to explain, not in so many words when I was at my tender age.
I visited Hindu Temples in many places, looking for that serenity during six decades of my journey through life.
Radha – Krishna temple in Mathura, Shrine at Kedarnath,  an obscure Shiva Temple at the outskirts of Naimasharanya forest, Samadhi Mandir of Maa at Kankhol, to speak about few where I could experience the serenity to keep my mind ever green.
Buddhist Shrines at the outskirts of Sikkim, Shanghai and Saigon touched my inner being with the silence of eternity.
Then that Syonague in the midst of the concrete jungles of Manhattan is still fresh in my spirit with Rock Mountains reverberating with the rhythm of a silent dancer in front of her cherished deity.
What do they contribute to my mind game with psychological impact and philosophical far sight?
The propensity of silence transcendences my mind to the creation by the Power that has been there beyond human understanding, beyond the mundane world we live in and dance with momentary happenings in life.
I close my eyes in the shrines, shedding off the trace of aspirations mixed up with ever changing priorities in life. And enjoy the time, which has stopped on its passage.
Suddenly in that vacuum of the moments I experience a shiver, a kind of vibrations or to be precise a joy in experiencing divinity. That is it I live for, that is what has been driving me to propel in this world with ever blooming love and compassion.
I remember my time at Vrindaban Ashram a few years back in the company of my Swamiji who initiated me to my Grru- Anandamoyee Maa.
It was early summer when I was on one-to-one dialogue with Swamiji. His soft words got imprinted in my mind for eternity.
‘You know how ancient sages lived through life with ever fresh mind’?
He never expected any reaction from me, other than my attention.
‘They used to live on the Himalayas or forests or on the coast of the sea under the canopy of the blue sky’.
‘They used to feel the vibrations in the solitude and their minds reverberated with the tune that pervaded the entire universe’
‘Try to feel the vibrations when your mind will calm down to concentrate on the tune. In that matter you live ever young and finish your journey for ultimate end to draw closer to the Almighty’.
‘It will be difficult, but you should try with unstinted belief’.
When I look back on time, I discover what my grandfather and Prof.Wolridge inducted me in the dynamics to remain ever young to pursue my journey along the path Swamiji hinted a.
It makes sense in my sub-conscious and put me on the run.  


Sometimes I indulge in playing the mind-game.
How far back I can retreat in my life remembering the high points on sights and sounds?
My first day in the school when my ever ailing mother climbed down the bed and dressed me. My father was observing the scene from a distance.
My first night at the Victoria Terminus in London when I got down from the train from Paris. I was awed as if on a trance.
Then that early morning in Pembrokeshire when an elderly jogger accompanied me on my morning walk.
More than three decades had elapsed. That nightmare in a distant country,  being driven through deserted roads in Taipei at the unholy hour at 3 am.
The Chamber Music at the Vienna Church which captivates my mind with some unknown feeling.
Then that Corner Pub in Auckland where I spent hours at the window sipping beer and getting immersed in the sights outside.
That unusually late hour in Tokyo when I left the Pub along with a group of youngsters, walking down to different destinations. Remarkable sight was the traffic lights were on along the deserted road when the Japanese youngsters waited for the signal to cross the road at 2-30 am.
I enjoy brushing over my mind with the collage of sights which had their roots during those by-gone days.
I feel rejuvenated. I feel connected to the ever flowing saga of sights and sounds recorded in my brain.
I enjoy being tracking back in life to feel my younger days with active mind. I feel I am still alive to enjoy my journey through life, even in distant future.  

Brain –mind Interface:

Way back during late nineties, while under the shower, someone inside me asked the most vexed question about life.
‘What you are going to pursue when you hang up boots in another one year’s time’?
Brain-mind activated my wisdom, acquired over last six decades while keeping myself busy with my professional pursuit.
What was that I could take up under changed scenario? What could keep me busy to the same intensity as I had been used to? How it was possible that in the evening I could seep my whiskey offering a free-run to my thoughts?
It took just less than 24 hours for the reckoning.
You could take to writing as the second profession to keep alive, without being pushed to a corner of uncertainty; as well not to become a victim of dragging time.
I took to the vocation with renewed vigour and justification for my existence in the society.
Since then I am on the journey, fully immersed in creation and search for excellence.
The neuron networks in the brain discover a new act every moment when I look for ideas and renew my observations about life.
The mind, with the support of physiological and chemical transformations, analyzes the ideas generated in the brain and finally flood my computer screen for eternity.
The vibrations do appear still on irregular intervals when I visit the shrines. The dimensions encompassing life has now second element of truth. That is to experience creativity in the diverse fields.

How did the phenomena happen?

Honestly speaking, I never try to pursue the search. I do not feel it necessary to spend time on this.
There are certain aspects in life where the mathematics of cause and effect or to be precise return on investment do not hold good for me.
I am happy as long as I am kicking around, mind not being aged and time not becoming a burden in life.

How do I end my musings?

It was during the morning when I was made aware of my feat of stepping in to eightieth year by my daughter with her early morning call, my daughter-in-law called me from Bangalore a little later.
‘Now that you have reached the land mark physical existence in this world with youthful endeavour so long, you make others aware about how you have been successful in keeping sound, both physically and more on the mental front’.
But for her I am tempted to analyse what went right and how I reached the present stage of uniformity in life’s journey.
It is for the posterity that has been pulling the strings. And they have been on the right ones.
And I close the computer with another shiver in my system!